So I stole and have slightly re-purposed the top 40 hit by Miley Cyrus, “the seven things I hate about you” for this post. Yes, I have to admit – I was listening to the song and this is what came to mind and of course I am hoping that you’ll forgive me for referring to anything-Miley, some 17 years my junior, or at least forget that I did by the time you see me next.

Cailee – this one’s for you…
You are, for the most part, a very amiable baby and we are forever grateful. But, we have found some things that you just don’t like and if pushed, they will often bring on the tears. Lucky for us, day by day, we are learning what triggers the floodgates and are doing our best to avoid them or expedite what is absolutely necessary.

  • Baths (and these aren’t even the real deal yet)
  • Cold wipes (whoever said the wipes warmer was just a gimmick didn’t know you – its made a world of difference with you)
  • Changing clothes (you’ll change your mind about this before too long)
  • Sitting in the car when it stops moving (or stroller, or our arms, you get the point – must have been because mommy was always on the go when you were in her tummy)
  • Waiting to be fed (when the clock strikes “time” you are ready)
  • Clipping fingernails (give it 15 years, you will soon love getting a mani/pedi)
  • The multivitamin (& why should you need additional nutrients beyond breast milk? we’ll never know)