For the next ten days, we are Florida bound (and beyond). The kids don’t know all that we have planned and that’s quite possibly the best part of it. Even at this age, they don’t notice that their suitcases are stuffed to the brim with clothes, obviously more than they need for just a few days, their teachers have sent home school work for two weeks (and they assume that’s a mistake) and mommy’s been running around like crazy trying to get every last thing sorted out but we are off and headed to Daytona Beach, Florida.

It’s funny, the kids knew we were going to Florida, and knew we were going on a Disney cruise at some point, but didn’t connect the dots until we got to the Orlando airport they were were even remotely close to Disney – they still didn’t expect the cruise, but all the Disney signage made them immediately start asking about going to Disney. I couldn’t break their hearts by saying “no” so I had to use the “we’ll see” and gave them just enough to keep them hopeful (and pestering every five minutes).

But first things first, we checked into our Residence Inn in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was just Connor, Cailee and I to start – unforunately, JJ couldn’t join us for a few more days. We stuck our toes in the Ocean, we buried our feet in the sand, took a dip in a pool and ushered in an early summer, before getting focused on the upcoming Regional Gymnastics Meet.