At this present time I am sitting in the dark, in the middle of the night (well, i scribbled this on a notepad first and its actually a reasonable time of day that I am typing it up, but the thoughts were generated in the wee hours of the morning). I have a dog to the left of my outstretched legs and a baby on my lap and I realize I could be the root of some very bad habits in my offspring (ok, the dog isn’t exactly that, but she’s spent enough time in my house since puppyhood, that I have to take credit for her quirks whether or not I bore her).

So here goes… The baby is fed, warm, and has a clean diaper, yet she is very unhappy when I put her in the crib – she would much prefer my lap. This can be a problem, when, like I said, its the middle of the night. As much as I swore I wouldn’t be a mom that co-sleep (not sure I fully even understood the term til I realized what I was doing was just that) – I mean, who am I kidding, I am sleeping (even though its in a chair, not a bed) and she is with me. Eventually, she makes the transfer but not till she is well off in la-la land. Does the fact that she is a part-time co-sleeper make it any better?

Now to the strange behaviors and of course this involves Lola. Lola always insists on the left. When she is held – has to be over the left shoulder, when she straightens her blanket to sleep (and this is quite an ordeal), she has to be on my left, when she rests beside me in the chair – you guessed it – on the left. Now, to my left, may be otherwise occupied but this makes no difference – she’ll continue to squeeze into whatever space or lack there off is left. Oh well, if there is any rationale, JJ and I are both left handed – so i suppose it could be our fault or maybe the dog is just odd.

On a completely separate note, I wonder if that means Cailee will be left-handed.