So Cailee had her end of the year/Christmas performance at her school today. She was great! If I ever had my doubts about her feeling comfortable performing in front of people, they were squelched today. She is standing front and center and at times, if you listen carefully – you hear her voice above the others. Of course, she gets a bit distracted by her headband (silly Mom for having her wear it) and the video is as good as we could do – dodging the cameras of every other parent. These are all the two year olds in the school program – some full time, others just two days a week (9-12) like Cailee. She is one of the oldest given that she turned 3 at the beginning of the year, but fortunately, most of her specific class falls into the same category (there were like 6 of 10 birthdays in September).

My day started out a little frustrating – but funny. Cailee decided to put on her Christmas dress last night in bed, so when I found her she had on her shoes, bracelets, necklace, and her dress. Only the dress was stuck around her waist because she tried to put in on by inserting her legs through the neck. Consequently she tore it two places (nothing a little glue gun couldn’t fix – yes, I went there) and the neck is a little stretched out – maybe a little high heat dryer action will help that – but not sure what effect that will have on the glue. Oh joy!

On top of this I forgot my camera! I almost considered turning around and heading home for it (considering we are only a few minutes away) but I decided I would just enjoy the performance and rely on the video camera and iPhone to capture the moments – what a tech savvy world we live in. These pictures are not great – but you can see the many adorable expressions our little Cailee has!