Its hard to believe that January is nearly behind us, but you can’t ignore the reality forever. Its been a fun and busy month – with us embarking on some new adventures, scratching some things off the list, getting prepared for baby #2 and then just keeping up with the day-to-day activities that we call our life.

Its been a lot of fun (except when she’s sick) with Cailee these days – she is learning in leaps and bounds. She will repeat just about any word and is actually speaking some things in Spanish – which is forcing JJ and I to recall our own limited Spanish to recognize what she is saying. Thanks Dora! Her favorite words are Ayude me, and Arriba. She has been reciting her numbers although they can get a little jumbled up – sometimes its something like 1, 2, dos, quatro, cinco, 7, 8, and so on. But its so much fun watching her learn. I will say, that contrary to what you would expect pink is not her favorite color – everything is “green” – even those things that are pink, or blue, yellow for that matter.

JJ has been putting us all to shame with his athleticism and commitment to eat well, exercise at the crack of dawn nearly every morning (not kidding, the alarm goes off at 5 something, I am too groggy to know exactly when it is). The only challenge has been the weather. It seems these days its often too cold or too wet to go out on the new mountain bike, although he braved the weather (as did we to cheer) to participate in his first cyclocross race. It was right down the road at Orange County Speedway and it *looked* really hard. Its basically an obstacle course through the woods, up steep inclines, over natural and man-made barriers and more, with a strong resemblance to my former cross country days complete with cow bells and yelling fans. I can’t imagine doing it – he really impressed me!

I have been focused on getting things all organized for the new addition to come – The kids exchange was this past weekend and I just picked up the clothes that didn’t get snatched up – and I am anxiously awaiting the check to see if all the work was really equal to the reward – but it felt good to clear out, so that has to count for something. The baby room is nearly complete, I’ll post some pictures. I am awaiting some sheets that are being made and have a few more decorating touches – but there is nothing stopping the baby from coming today (except the panic that would set off), he would at least be clothed, have a place to sleep, some tunes to listen too and even some toys to play with, all in a somewhat coordinated room. So close to marking that off the list and it feels good.

I feel very fortunate that I can re-use so many of the things we got for Cailee (we opted to not go too pink at the time when it came to the big stuff, so the neutral designs are paying off now), but its fun to shop for little boy clothes and see all the new baby gadgets that have hit the market in the past two years.

The 28 week (more officially 29-30 weeks) check up went well – its the biggie with injections and lab work – but so far so good. Its just about this time that I started tracking my progress on this blog with Cailee so its fun to compare some of those stats with what is going on right now. I will say that this little boy is very very busy – he just rolls around constantly – I seriously wonder if he truly is sleeping at all – because he’s certainly making it difficult for me to do so.

Until later…