I take great comfort in the fact that I don’t have to leave all my geekiness behind when I take on the role of mom. Just because every other segment of my life is sure to be turned upside down I don’t have to become the traditional soccer mom that wears a jumper with apple buttons. In fact, it seems I am in great company when it comes to geeky moms. This past week I have stumbled upon several websites that seem to reinforce the fact that you can learn to do just about anything from the internet – including plenty of fun facts that might just make parenting a little easier. I can’t say this convincingly yet, only time will tell.

Here are some of my favorite links so far…
Jumping Monkey podcast – A sister podcast to TWIT – this week in tech – yet, just for parents.
Rookiemoms.com (you can even follow these moms on twitter)
Babysteals.com (featuring a baby shopping steal daily)
Peppers and Pollywogs.com (plan your best party ever)

Oh, and the baby even has an email address already…