Today we arrived in Bahamas. It was actually really cool coming into port and the kids got to see the clear blue water for the first time. It was also excursion day. It was pretty easy getting off the boat but boy was it windy once off. We had signed up for a full day at the Atlantis. I’d been there years ago, again just exploring for a day but have never stayed there. The excursion gave us access to everything but a room, but it was mostly about the beaches, pools and water slides. What I didn’t realize when I signed up for it was that most of the rides required you to be 48” and Connor is still shy of that mark. Poor fella, that seems to be the cut off for everything. We decided that no one would probably actually measure him – safety seemed pretty lax here in Bahamas, but that was all the more reason I didn’t want to take any chances. If it had been determined the ride wasn’t safe for someone under 48” I didn’t want to risk my kid getting hurt in the Bahamas. So while Cailee and Daddy did some of the slides (yes, there was a 5 story straight drop and another that ended in a shark pool), Connor and I rented a giant tricycle for the water. Connor was even a little small for that – he kept slipping into the water but we road that thing for 30 minutes! Talk about a workout. Later the kids split 30 minutes with JJ in a kayak. We also spent time in the water (pool and ocean) – in this case it was just a lagoon that was roped off. We did check out the real beach/ocean but the water was extremely rough – code red – they wouldn’t let us in the water and even if they had, I wouldn’t have gone in – it would have swept you away in no time. Cailee did get her hair braided and I have to say, I got taken. The Bahamian women charged $10/braid – so we got three braids on the side of her head, however, we learned, back on the boat they only charged $2.50/braid. Well, we got the real deal – right? A funny story of the day was when Connor was in the water and someone was asking him where he was from, unsure of what to say he didn’t respond, so they asked him if he spoke English – to which he said no and so she asked him if he was Dutch – before I realized was she was asking and stepped in. I guess I can see it – my little blond haired Dutch boy! We ended up having a really good day, even the bus ride to and from the resort was quite entertaining – the driver was quite the jokester and gave us a mini tour of the island.