We had a welcome break from the heat last week and I suppose that spoiled us – but now the sun and humidity are right back at it again – making it nearly unbearable to spend a few minutes outside. This is tough on both Cailee and mommy as Cailee would like nothing better than to be outside – however, she seems to handle the stickiness far better than Mommy does (or that mom cares to endure). So Wednesday, we packed up and headed to the pool (I am certainly grateful to good friends who let us piggy back on their pool membership).

If I haven’t mentioned before (which I am sure I have) – Cailee LOVES the water. It doesn’t matter if its a water bottle, pet water bowl, sprinkler, hose, sink, bathtub, fountain – if there is running water – she’s there. So of course the pool is no exception (hopeful that we have a similar experience with salt water – when we go to the beach in, yes, counting, 38 days). We splashed around for about an hour and it was just enough to lower our body temperature, stretch out Mom’s sore knew and get a little exercise. Can’t beat that – three in one!

Afterward, we lounged poolside, how all diva’s do and snacked on goldfish (but of course). And yes, it took quite a bit of coaxing to realize the goldfish were not allowed in the pool.