As if our trip to Oriental was not enough – we decided to jam-pack the long weekend with more activities. JJ said – driving home tonight – that it felt like he had been off for a week with as much as we decided to do – I am not sure if that’s a good thing or not – but it has seemed like a while since I last opened my IBM email (aside from the occasional check in on the blackberry – I admit I’m addicted).

On Sunday we stayed close to home, JJ kicked off independence day with a two hour bike ride, we enjoyed some time at the park and finished off the day with Cailee’s first trip to the fireworks. We had a good plan – we would park behind the Bulls stadium, stay out of the traffic jam (several years back we learned our lesson) and just swing in for the FWs and then leave. Unfortunately, the game must have gone into overtime – as it wasn’t until 10 (we arrived at 830) that the fireworks actually went off. Cailee was in good spirits all the same and even got into a game of tag with some other anxious youngsters. Its sweet to start to see her interacting with other kids. And I do believe they actually know what she’s trying to say most of the time – which is more than I can say for us.

Here’s Cailee waiting for the fireworks… the stroller was great entertainment.

A side note – Cailee is really into Mommy’s makeup these days. She was going for the dark eyes look (look out Bobby Brown!) this afternoon. The sad thing is that I couldn’t get it off (darn makeup that doesn’t run, or remove with water) so it looked like she had sparkly black eyes for much of the day.

On Monday, we packed up and headed to Greensboro for Isabella’s 3rd birthday party. Cailee had a play date earlier in the day and then we went to Pump it Up for the party (an inflatable play center – for those of you not up on your children entertainment facilities). It was great fun! It was most entertaining to see Cailee plop herself down right in the middle of the birthday table with all the big kids. And she copied everything they did.

(No, there are no pictures of Cailee on the inflatables – I tried but they were all so blurry – it was pointless to share – Cailee was just a blurrrrrrr.

This picture is even better because of Isabella struggling with her crown in the background.

Check out her going to town on this slice of pizza.

Need a close up of that face? Who attacks their food like this?

Here’s some more pictures of the birthday girl and her little sis.

It was certainly a 4th of July for the books – plenty of memories created this weekend. Makes it all the harder to get back into the grind. Now counting down the days til our summer vacation. (40 days).