I’ll have to say that one of the highlights of the weekend was getting to see Aunt Bep – aka Beth. Since Friday afternoon when Beth arrived, til today when Beth had to leave, Cailee was stuck to Aunt Bep like glue. On Friday, she peppered me all afternoon – is Aunt Bep here? Can we go outside and wait for Aunt Bep? Is she coming down from the big mountain? (not sure where that one came from but seeing as Beth is from Asheville, I couldn’t deny the question).

And Cailee put Aunt Bep to work immediately – on Friday, we took a walk and picked what is arguably the last wild flowers of the summer, we went for Mexican in Bright Leaf for dinner and dancing and Aunt Bep and Cailee danced the night away (Cailee insists on performing right in front of the band, for all to see). Poor Beth, what a trooper. If Cailee had it her way Beth would have shared her twin bed with her this weekend. Beth had to bounce all Saturday morning (pre-party) and color all Saturday evening (post-party). We capped off the weekened today with church, and another walk (with of course, the scooter) before Aunt Bep had to leave again for the big mountain. Cailee misses Aunt Bep and is already talking of when she’ll see her next. Thanks Beth – I know it was a tireless weekend, but you made it all the better for Cailee!