My little beach babes just can’t get enough of the sun and sand. And they love the water. Funny story, just so we didn’t have to cart anything extra to the beach we rented an umbrella and two chairs for each day. It’s kinda convenient to have it all set up and at the ready for us. The only problem is that we haven’t used them, except to hold our beach towels (which we haven’t used either). The kids have both JJ and I in the water or sand 99.99% of time (the other .01% was when we hastily got lunch).

Cailee has gotten really good at jumping the waves and Connor wants to be just like his big sister. One thing I didn’t know about Hilton Head, there is nothing in the sand/water. No shells (we eventually found a strip of sand by the lighthouse today that had shells so Cailee could grow her collection), no seaweed, no nothing. It’s actually really nice, I’ve always been a little uneasy about the things brushing by my legs or squirming underfoot, so clean sand, 80 degrees – this is my kinda beach.