On a much better note, Cailee has been coloring like crazy here of late. In school, they have really taught her to stay in the lines and she loves coloring. We do it a lot together, but it never fails, I start a picture and she starts a picture and then she decides she wants to take over my picture. And she is very much in a monochromatic phase – one crayon to color the entire picture, but heck, that is far more efficient then switching out crayons continuously.

But I should note, her skills are not just limited to drawing. She is starting to write (although its not intelligible what she is actually writing at this point without the Cailee translator), she can “write” her name and create lists – lots of lists which consist of a lot of squiggly lines down a page. Hmm, I wonder where she got this from?

Here we are coloring some serious Strawberry shortcake.

Pondering her next big creation…

Admiring her work, with her eyes closed. (No, actually this was her idea of posing for the camera)