For reasons still unknown to me, the school gave the kids the day before Halloween off as part of Fall Break. Why they didn’t get the day of or even the day after off makes no logical sense but hey, they’ll take any day off at this point. It was a good excuse for me to take the day off so we headed to Marbles, quite possibly with everyone else who had to the day off but no one seems to notice the craziness except for the moms trying to manage the madness. The kids spent a lot of time on crafts this time, they made skeletons from Qtips (cute idea), hammered nails into pumpkins and crafted other things I have yet to identify from the scrap piles. Connor still loves building the cars and racing them down the derby track and both kids got into the cooking and sports area. Cailee cooked me many nutritious yet inedible meals and Connor showed off his surfing skills in the middle of October.