We have definitely been going going going the last few weeks.  I keep thinking things will calm down but they never do so maybe they never will and that weekend where there will be nothing planned is just a pipedream of mine.  Squeezed into all the craziness a few weekends back was Liam’s third birthday (even though the kid is easily as big as Connor now).  Connor and Liam are best buds and because Tracy is so willing to help out whenever I am in a work jam they see each other a lot these days – which is great – because Grayson and Cailee are always looking for an excuse to hang out too.

Here were a few random pictures from the party – I must have been having too much fun or else I was too busy chasing a kid on a tractor (yes, even though we have one of our own, both of my kids still fought to ride the one at “Grayson’s house”).  It still blows my mind when I see these pictures to think about Cailee and Grayson spending time together when they were both just six months old.