On Sunday, we met my parents for a picnic, one last hurrah before back to school. It was one of those afternoons that was warm enough that I wasn’t shivering 🙂 but nice enough to just sit outside and enjoy everyone’s company. We sat right beside the playground, same place we had picnicked several years ago when Connor was just an infant. In fact, somewhere there is a picture of Uncle Dave holding Connor at only a month or so old in the very same spot. This time Connor was immediately making friends on the playground, while Cailee hung closer to home and just chatted with the adults. It just highlights the difference between my kiddos – which I really do like and appreciate. My social bug and shy gal. Just before we left, I caught my dad with Connor on the tire swing. It was great to see the two of them swinging, it brought back many memories of years gone by, of a tire swing we used to have hanging in our backyard.