So every year, around this time, JJ and I face off. At first, I thought it was nothing, just something that was small and insignificant. It didn’t represent much, it didn’t carry any weight, it wasn’t indicative of us and certainly didn’t make sense alongside anything else – but there it was, the elephant in the room. Its character has no bearing on anything, not anything either of us are aware of – but for some reason the object has remained. Early on, in our relationship I was far more vocal, clearing indicating my disapproval. I tried to make it go away, I tried to suppress it – all to no avail. Over the years however, I have learned to live with it, mask my feelings, ignore my misgivings. There really is no opportunity to compromise, its either there or it isn’t – and so far – its always there. I am not clever enough to do away with it – without it being known, I can’t even camouflage it – in fact, as the years go by, its prominence is more obvious it seems, mostly because it just blatantly annoys me and he knows it. I am open to advice, ideas, suggestions – it simply is time that we address the elephant in the room.


See, JJ hangs it right up front, directly under the star, so your eyes are drawn right to it.

JJ got this cheesy free rubber blue ornament at some motorcycle shop 10 years ago and has insisted that we should proudly display it front and center on our Christmas tree every year since. I could have the most well dressed tree on the street, which I don’t, but the elephant takes me out of the running regardless. I am just resolved to the fact that our tree will be forever adorned with our “favorite” (note sarcasm) Metzler elephant. For those of you familiar with “A Christmas Story” – this is my leg lamp.