It was a rough weekend…

So for those of you who know me – this will come as no shock – but I get slightly frustrated when things don’t go just so, according to MY plan. It started Thursday, and just continued to go downhill from there. First, JJ and I went to Pottery Barn Kids and on a whim,…

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Dear Baby… this is what happened in 2008

So I hope this blog can be used as not only a way to communicate with friends and family as to the everyday happenings around the Dewar household, but also as a scrapbook of what was going on in the rest of the world during those moments. So I’m wracking my brain trying to remember…

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It’s not nesting, I swear

So everyone says I am nesting, but I looked it up and I can prove I’m not. Supposedly nesting refers to an expectant mother having a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around the home. Well, for whatever reason, I’ll admit I am odd in this respect, but cleaning…

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A sneak peak at the Nursery

So its only a sneak peak because these photos are already out of date. I have joked with everyone and its sad to admit that I have spent more time decorating for those who know me – redecorating the nursery than coming up with the baby’s name (although the first name we thought of just…

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Smile for the camera *almost*

I think I counted the days to this date for a long time. Organized (although I am just starting this blog at 7 months down) is probably an understatement for me and so for anyone that really knows me, anything standing in the way of planning would really be an aggravation – and in this…

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Introducing… Peanut

I know it doesn’t look like much and at this point but it’s been confirmed that we would soon no longer be just two (not counting all the animals) in our family. JJ calls it “peanut,” (hopefully this nickname doesn’t stick but it does seem fitting at this point looking at the images) and even…

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Our First Post

Hi!  Welcome to our family blog!  I honestly don’t know how often I’ll be able to update this but hopefully I can keep everyone who wants to know what is going on in our house on a somewhat regular basis. The big news is that we are having a little girl – and as soon…

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