Trick or Treat!

I’ll be honest, we didn’t expect this year’s trick or treating to be much of anything, given Cailee’s attention span these days. The plan was to hit four or less homes, but apparently the extra sugar gave her the extra ummph to make it all the way around the circle and to nearly every home….

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Happy Halloween 2009!

We were waiting for the perfect weekend to go and pick out a pumpkin this year, but if anyone has been following the weather reports lately – you’ll know the weekends just weren’t cooperating. So by Saturday, the 31st, we had no choice but to accept that Fall was indeed here, and a pumpkin, candy…

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Baby day at IBM

Even the man fixing the elevator wondered outload if it was baby day at IBM last week. And I guess you could call it that – K313 in building 062 was taken over by at least 3 little ones on Thursday. Cailee got the chance to play with Lucy (20 months), and Jack (15 months)….

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One mode- full speed ahead

We’ve determined that Cailee has one speed these days, ON and then very very rarely off, but only when she’s got her eyes closed (she is still a great sleeper, which is probably attributed to the fact that she has to crash eventually). Lately, one of her favorite things to do are collect the acorns…

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Cailee finally enjoyed her glasses for a few seconds – she wanted to take them off – but she also would try and put them back on – it was like a hide and seek game – she thought she was hiding when they were on.

Cailee’s second NC State Fair

It was almost an easier decision to take Cailee to the fair last year at 6 weeks then this year at 13 months. At six weeks she slept soundly in the baby bjorn, straight through the tractor pulls and turkey shoot, but this year, we knew she would be awake and wanting to take it…

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Cailee had a sleepover buddy

Last night JJ and I embarked on a new adventure. We babysat our 3 year old niece. It was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t say it was easy but definitely a taste of what it might be to have more than one lil one running around here. Suffice it to say – we are…

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A sneak peek

I only show these pictures now because its very likely we might not get any better pictures. I have looked everywhere to find the halloween costume that I thought was fitting for Cailee. But choices are limited for her age range (my next favorite was that of a hot dog but I thought she might…

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While weather permits

We have been trying to take advantage of every last bit of good weather before its too cold to spend considerable time outdoors. This afternoon we snuck in a few minutes at one of the area parks. Cailee’s favorites things to do are go up the slide backwards – she also enjoys going down the…

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Playing dress up

Cailee has now started to carry things around – first it was her favorite blanket – and still is most of the time – but if that’s not readily available – then she’ll carry whatever else is – and lately she’s had a fascination with my bags, except most of them are too big. Til…

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