Been taking pictures while I can still keep up

So Cailee is definintely on the move these days and it makes it very difficult to take a picture. Among other things, she is really keeping me on the move. Let’s see today she bit Greyson (the baby she stays with occasionally) on the cheek, and then (later) called 911. I can only imagine the…

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Nothin’s stopping her.

Its funny, I see other babies that are just sitting content in their mother’s lap, or hear of a child that will be entertained by the television for an extended period of time (longer than 2 minutes), I even noticed that Tori Spelling’s little girl had her toe nails painted. Cailee on the other hand…

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Video:: Peekaboo!

Peekaboo has always been a favorite pasttime of Cailee’s, however this is the first time I have seen (well JJ saw this) Cailee actually covering up her face, apparently she does it every night with her bath towel.

Brushing my teeth

I figured getting Cailee to brush her teeth would be an absolute bear, boy was I wrong. She loves it. Especially if she gets to sit in the sink and stare at herself. Here she is showing off and chomping on her toothbrush.

Entertaining Cailee

This weekend we spend the majority of Saturday at the mini car dealership – its become, in a lot of ways since purchasing our latest vehicle, our home away from home, just by the sheer number of hours our car has been there versus in our own garage or possession. This time, they forgot to…

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Watch out world!

Well there is plenty to corroborate my statement that Cailee is on the move these days. Just two days shy of ten months and if she had a longer runway she would be gone. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite mastered the steering aspect of this toy. Then again, who needs a toy when they have a…

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Just for fun! Mom vs. Cailee

I know there is no denying that Cailee bears an uncanny resemblence to her daddy and for sure, this is a good thing. However, just for kicks I dug up some old photos of myself and realize that there are a few expressions that Cailee makes that surface a striking similarity to good ol mom….

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Happy Fourth of July!

It was a busy first fourth of July for Cailee (and her mom and dad), so much so that we opted to skip the fireworks display this year. We were up early for the fourth festivities in Greensboro with GG and Uncle Dave. Fortunately, all the hot rods revving their engines didn’t seem to faze…

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Making Lola look pretty

Well the picture says it all – I have resigned myself to the fact that I can’t make Lola behave as a well mannered dog but I can certainly make her look like she’s one. (at least now she seems somewhat content to leave the bow in place, probably because its the first time she…

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Our first trip to the Museum of Life and Science

On Friday, JJ had a day off (wahoo!) and we decided to checkout the Museum of Life and Science. JJ, himself, had been many times growing up. And although the museum has since expanded and moved across the street, it still was quite entertaining for all of us. The weather was beautiful and a good…

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